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Lost alot of hair due to bad advice about dreading

By: matthew g
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so my moms friend whos african american did my dreads and im white, and she had me do the twist method which obviously didnt work and she told me to use bees wax which was bad to ... so i figured out that i should use the backcombing method about a week in a half in so i washed out the wax backcombed and alot of hair has fallen out from that .. .well it seems i mean my hair stilll seems pretty thick its just the ends are reaelly thin, plus some dreads are smaller than others, now i backcomb maybe once a week if needed and have ruber bands in them when needed.. i would appreciate any advice helping them lock and of any shampoos that are at a local store that are good for dreads ... thanks !!!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/13/11 03:04:12PM @soaring-eagle:

stop rebackcombing and take the bands out u only backcxomb one time never again and leave them alone

stop nmessing with them stop trtying to force them to dread and lert them dread

backcomb is oretty harmful not as v=bad as many others its barely in the recomendable catagory not the best but not the woi=orse

but if u do it over and over u add more and more harm

plus everytu=ime u do it u reset progress to day 1! u got to stop and leave em alone!

and take out the bands those are no good at all

i hope u used no 3=wax this time?

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