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west of tazzmania
11/27/11 04:08:03AM

Ive been an vegetarian for a year now and love it. not only do i feel healthier i also feel happy that a life was not taken to nourish my body. i decided to stop eating meat to better reconnect nature. I have life long plans to own lots of land and break away from society.... Grow my own fruits and veggies and live off the earth and become one with nature all over again like man is supposed to be. we are disattached from the natural rhythm of the earth. Everything around us distracts us from what is natural. nature is natural we are natural. i am on a mission to decrease my carbon footprint as much as possible while inspiring others to do the same. I love not eating meat. there are plenty of alternatives that do not allow me to miss meat. Thanksgiving has passed and i enjoyed mine to the fullest extent. I do eat fish sometimes im in love with salmon though. Nirvana says "its ok to eat fish cuz they dont have any feelings" hahaha i dont follow this but just love this saying from the song "somethings in the way." lol

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