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I made the conscious decision to stop eating meat, today. Suggestions?

Crystal O.
05/12/11 12:28:55AM
I was eating a sliced turkey wrap and could barely get through half of it...the other half is sitting in the fridge waiting for someone else to eat it, (I don't like to waste or know the animal died in vein). I really only eat poultry and fish as it is, pork and beef make me sick, literally. I haven't eaten eggs in -I don't know how long- so, I suppose it's time to give it up alltogether. I was lactose intolerant for two different periods of time in my life, oddly enough it comes and goes with me. For now, I am not and do not plan to give up milk, but I only buy it if I can find organic.

I guess my breaking point was last night talking with a co-worker about how she thought bugs should be killed. I said "What makes our lives more important than theirs?" She replied, "They're just bugs, pests, they destroy our stuff and trees." I said, "We destroy everything, including trees, why aren't we killed?" She didn't have an answer. She continued to tell a story about people she knew who went away while people theyhad hiredkilled a pack ofcoyotes that wouldn't leave their land. For all we know the coyotes could have been there first. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I can't bring myself to kill a bug, or hear a story about killing coyotes, I know I couldn't kill an animal to feed myself, (unless it became necessary and some survival instinct kicked in I'm sure). So I don't deserve to eat the poor creatures, and they don't deserve to be killed so I can eat them.

What makes it ok for me to eat something that once lived and breathed or was meant to? Because I can? What makes my life more significant than theirs? I can speak a language I understand? How does my eating meat improve the quality of this earth? It doesn't at all.

I just can't bring myself to do it anymore. So, with all that said, any suggestions you seasoned vegetarians are willing to offer on staying healthy without the meat protein would be greatly appreciated. Also, since I don't eat much meat to begin with,I don't thinkI will lose too much weight giving it up. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I am a little worried about a dramatic change, do you think that could happen? Thank you. :)

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