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So Much things to Say

Kare T
03/13/11 06:54:05PM

This is an excerpt InI took out of the Glory of Kings at a NiyahbinghiCeremony I believe.

So much things to say, Bob Marley said, and I say it now too. so much things to say.I know bob say it true but,I also know in my heart that every, man, woman, and child must say their say. Now my pickney asks me, Momma, what is the adress of Jah? And I meditate upon this, but I have no answer that my pickney doesnt already know. So what do I say to her? What would you say? Where does Jah live now my brethren and sistren? Then, last night, my little one come to me with a toothache; and all at onceI see my answerand say, "There, right there, is where Jah live! ' And my pickney learn the light of that truth.But then she ask a next question: 'Momma, what does it mean to be dead?' So, now, I flash an answer for this one, for itis as Bob has told us: Some who live are dead and some who are dead are alive. It is just so, I tell her. And this little daughter of mine , age four and half, already know truth from lie, soI cannot hide anything for her- and why should I? Brethren and sistren, speak to your children, teach them well, always tell them the truth. Our posterity lies in theanswer to their questions.".. she finishes to a scattering of gentle applause. she walksoffstage into the lowering firelight.

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