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dreadlocks shampoo

two nights ago

merryah lynn
08/22/10 04:00:04PM
alright two nights ago my brother got a oz of booms we dont know what they were but they were amazing you know how booms make you feel sick and the come done makes you wanna throw up? well these were nothing like that we were walking and i saw this guy he looked over at me and my friends and started to walk like a chicken then he started to chase us so we ran to the grave yard and someone was in it it was like he jus popped outta a grav he satared to fallow us as we were in the garve yard he was walking the track and you could hear him laughing it was a evil laugh so scary we stared to walk towrds him and he just walked away we got like ten feet away from him and as he looked at us you could see his red evil eyes i will neveer forget the look he gave us before he dissapperd
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