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My natural dreads after a month.

By: Matt Locks
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I decided to getdreadlocks,andat first I was gonna do it the more popular way with wax and combs and crochet needles and tightening shampoos and twisting,, but I came across THIS site. After looking around at the results of "Store bought" or "manufactured" dreads on other sites as well as "natural dreads" on this and other sites, I decided to go with natural dreads. My idea of natural dreadlocks are dreadlocks that have no synthetic or unnaturalmaintenance products and no forming methods that areharmfulto the hair. I began by not combing, and after two weeks sections had formed, by now they have begun to knot and I have been sectioning some of the looser ones when they start loosening up, I started off washing with Baking Soda, But prefer using non-residue hand soap, after washing from root to tip I usuallt spray my hair with salt water(sea salt) to condition it. My hair is usually pretty straight, but it has gotten quite wavy since I dreaded it, (not a problem to me, but I have noticed lots of other people with straight hair who dread get wavy dreads). My dreads are silky and soft to the touch (not like wax dreads) and I honestly love them more every day... I'll post more recent pics and keep ya'll updated, any tips or comments feel free to post. :D BTW sorry for the horrible picture quality... I'll put a better one up asap

Matt Locks
09/08/11 01:13:38AM @matt-locks:

LMFAO... IT IS A BLURRY OCTOPUSS!!!! WTF I POSTED THE WRONG PIC!!! jkjk, thanks... and yeea... i'll have a better one up b4 the end of next week hopefully XD

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/07/11 08:01:13PM @soaring-eagle:

that is horrible picture quality it looks like a blurry octopus on a but great post anyways look forward to betyer pics

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