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Mary White


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For Sale!!!! Dread Tam & Head Wrap! :)

By: Mary White
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I bought the wrap from a dreadhead on here, and the Tam on Etsy.. I no longer have dreads (caused too many headaches) and now have very short hair...

Would like to pass on the beautiful wares.

I still love dreads, but I can't wear them..

Tam is mossy earthtones, adjustable and can fit short to long dreads - worn twice- asking $15 + Shipping

Wrap is a beautiful golden yellow and brown, quilted look, braided ends... Gorgeous... best for long thick dreads - $15 + Shipping

BOTH for $30 Shipping paid.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

email- if interested!!!! I don't know if I will still get notifications from this site!

Mary White
04/28/12 09:15:06AM @mary-white:

I can't log in. It says my account doesn't exist!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/27/12 04:40:26PM @soaring-eagle:

post em on the new classifieds site too

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