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Location: Denver, CO
Zipcode: 80205
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/23/11 10:35:24PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome but u should know crochets very bad for dreads throw away yhe hook and join the crochet recovery hroup

Michelle Johnson
08/01/13 03:37:29PM @michelle-johnson:

Thank you for the friend Izzy! <3

wyatt walker
03/22/13 07:03:33PM @wyatt-walker:

i tried to right back :( was moderated

wyatt walker
03/22/13 07:02:48PM @wyatt-walker:

yea i guess thats pretty tru lol an rest in peace to ur father IZ celebrate his life with urs :D peacen an luv

wyatt walker
03/19/13 12:47:28AM @wyatt-walker:

aww thanks for the nice comments and for viewing my video lol im so shy i couldnt get meself to even tlk hahahah ohwell ha ha now u can really see how the whole singing in front anyone would be for me lol hahahaha

wyatt walker
01/30/13 10:18:19PM @wyatt-walker:

i tried leave u comment in response to one u left me wont let me! grr humm moderation business lol

wyatt walker
01/30/13 07:22:27PM @wyatt-walker:

well im not any type specifically my friend lol i guess i leave it up to god lol and im spiritual and do meditation and such. my beliefs are complex i guess but simple at same time because i dont seem to follow any certain rules or such ha ha well we can speak for in depth in inbox k:) peace b with u

wyatt walker
01/30/13 07:15:59PM @wyatt-walker:

well i guess im not sure exactly what i am lol ?! ha ha god knows i guess that is wat matters haha church i go to dont push for any certain kind so i like that and we all tlk of god and our own beliefs we do in our own prayer time and such. so but i kno of many types but i just dont focus on any specifically. if that makes any sense?? lol i am spiritual as well and i guess i just pick an chose but give my self no specific guidelines or rules ha. well anyway peace:) meditation and my offering gods hands:) i put things in and change depending on my mood :)

wyatt walker
01/29/13 10:29:46PM @wyatt-walker:

cool story thanks for shareing that:) and the encouragement:) yea i told major i wanted to sing for them next time but i gotta drop off the cd and gat it approved so but she loves me and and she let me speak up in front of mass last time and was wonderful it just poured out of me spontaneously almost like wasnt me hah aha peace my friend i hope i can force myself to overcome my shyness soon. cuz i have got to share my singing with them. its beautiful and makes people cry in a good way lol but i never let them see me or be by me its like in another room ha ha lol ill keep u updated if i remember too lol peace

wyatt walker
01/29/13 10:17:35AM @wyatt-walker:

yea lol maybe someday ill muster up alll the courage ha ha ha i sing in church but still very reserved and look around to c if anyone is directly looking at me ha ha silly but cant help it ha but i do love singing tho:)

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