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Marlee Batchelder


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One of those days...

By: Marlee Batchelder
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Hey all,

This post is more of a relieved rant than anything else. Today was horrible. I get back a test which I failed and have very little faith in passing when I take it again. I realized that the college of my dreams may flat out be too expensive to be realistic (even though it was practically MADE for me and I am absolutley confident I can get in). I had a counseling session for my non-existant drug/alcohol problems-apparently whether or not it was my fault, when I am in a car accident and have minute amounts of weed and wine in my car I still have over a THOUSAND dollars in fines and fees to pay. (There goes what I did save all summer for college) I got absolutley nothing done academically because I had too much other shit to do. I could continue...but I'll spare you...

There were only two things that got me through the day.

1) Trevor Hall

WATCH THIS^ This is not a question or a request.

2) My dreaddies :) someone came up to me today and asked if I was dreading my hair..which means my hair is forming enough for people to notice. Which is amazing.

Also, another story I hope you guys can appreciate the way I do....

I have a buddha necklace that is leather and the pendent is probably 2 by 2 inches wide/tall and maybe an inch deep. I've had it for months. Its made from just an old buddha that these two guys found and made into a necklace (it's what they do). And I lost it last weeknd. I took it off to play frisbee with some friends and ended up forgetting it in the grass, going back an hour later to find it already discovered by someone else. I was really upset at first. And then I realized- I didn't love that necklace because I enjoyed posessing it. That necklace was important to me because of what it meant, what it stood for, what it reminded me of. Maybe it had already taught me what I needed to learn from it. Even though I am still sad that I can't proudly wear it around my neck and enjoy the aesthetics of it,I wonder who gets to wear it now with enthusiasm. Maybe my buddha can teach someone else all that he taught me. Maybe more, maybe new lessons. I think it was just time for it to leave me. He was ready to seek out his next student.

10/13/12 12:00:22AM @enverzo:

TRevor Hall...


Marlee Batchelder
10/12/12 11:29:46PM @marlee-batchelder:

Thanks guys : ) I appreciate the support.

Today was better (as the days always seem to be as different as the sunset each day), and I found out that the college I love does a special over 10 grand/year discout for students who graduate a high school from this state (which is differenct from, and why there wasn't a "residential tuition" listed on the website). I do agree with you though, Star. I definently don't plan on being weighed down by college debt the rest of my life. The cost of a good education in this country is preposterous.

Star Gryphon
10/12/12 01:03:46AM @star-gryphon:

Maybe a different college will appear out of nowhere and become the perfect one. All college seems to be expensive as of lately...For profit universities are getting very rich over this going back to college boom. Student loans being the one loan that can't be taken away by bankruptcy and they can take the money out of tax returns, paychecks, ssi payments, bank accounts...almost limitless routes to getting their money back!

10/11/12 10:44:45PM @autumn2:

Hang in there. Life changes a lot and what seem like doors closing now may in fact be other doors opening that you haven't even yet considered. Please just remember to be kind to yourself and keep the love.

All the best.

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