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Marlee Batchelder


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Day 1...Again

user image 2012-08-29
By: Marlee Batchelder
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Alright. I'm going to do it. Today is technically day 2 of not brushing but day 1 of consciously not brushing. I have had the 3 I backcombed for almost 3 weeks, but after I took the rubber bands out they began to unknot a little and loosen up. I am going to let them do their thing though. They can figureit out naturally, along with the rest of my head.The only thing that backcombing/rubber bands did was speed up the process, but I'm afraid that if I try to do that, then I will miss out on so much of the experience of letting my hair dread. I figured that if I've been spending this much time thinking about dreading, then thats probably a sign that I'm ready. I was going to wait a little while to be absolutley sure, but I know that if I wait 2 or 4 or 6 months I will still want to, so I might as well get started now. I'm going to let my hair naturally dread, since that seems to obviously be the best way. (any one catch the oxymoron there?) I plan to wash my hair every 4 days-1 week, and am going to use a residue-free neutrogena shampoo until i can get my hands on the ingredients to make my own wonderful concoction with which to wash my hair/dreads. As I understand, to naturall dread my hair, besides slightly lengthening the time between washes (currently 3-4 days- I don't wash my hair super often anyway, so it won't be a drastic change for me), there really isnt that much else to letting it naturally dread. Besides not brushing my hair, clearly. I think/hope it will still be ok for me to wear my hair in a bun several days of the week, as I do now. If not I'd love someone to tell me so. Other than have my hair look like a crazy mess until the dreads form and organize, I have no reservations about taking this plunge. Worst case scenario-I decide I don't want them anymore. In which case, if I'm too far along to brush them out,it is already on my bucket list to shave my head, so that deciding I don't want dreads anymore might not be that bad of a scenario.

Well, here I go! Can't wait for all the lessons and experiences this journey will bring : )

09/04/12 10:57:33PM @mons:
It would be better to not put your hair up too much for quite a while. You want your hair to move freely so it can section and tangle up, it can't do that if it's wrapped up in a bun. If you must pull your hair back, do a loose ponytail if possible. Happy journey!

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