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bs/acv actually works!!!

By: marisue
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i finally tried it the baking soda /acv wash, and let me tell you i might not have mixed it right but man whatever I did it made my hair feel so good. Im always hesitant to do things that I have to mix cause Im always afraid that Ill screw it up but after reading so many different ways on how to mis it I was getting overloaded on info so I decided to mix and go for it. I filled a sink with a gallon of water, 1 cup of BS a tbl spoon of sea salt (only because I wanted to spray it but I didnt have a soray bottle) and (this is where I screwed up I put 7 to 10 drops of tea tree oil. I realize I should have put it in the acv afterward. So I put my head in the sink and massaged my scalp and scrubbed and took a cup and poured the h20 all over the back of my head to get it all wet (not an easy job getting my whole head on the sink). So I let put a shower cap on my head and let it soak for about 20 minutes then rinsed it in the shower with I believe 2 to 4 cups of h20 and a half cup of acv with a few drops of myrrh oil.

let me tell you I wish I could do it everyday but its alot to do everyday, so in all reality how many time a week can you wash your hair with that mix I know I will do it for sure at least once a week. its been a month since monday and its getting there have a pretty good baby working in the back but everything else is just seperated. I put my hair up everyday at work in a bun and then take it out asap after work so hopefully thats not hindering it in anyway.

oh yeah if anyone can help me post pics let me know Im having trouble posting them. sorry such a long blog I ramble especially when I get so excited about something.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/06/13 02:19:15AM @soaring-eagle:


i just wrote up a long comment and lost it

ok do over

click that to add a pic

now on the wash

damn hate havin to rewrite this


d=few alterac=tions some to make life easier 1 thats criticle

baking soda and acv should never come in contact with eachother it sounds like u used acv to rinse out the bs

thats a nono

go to your sink po]ut a pile of bakimg soda in the sink then pour acv over it..wsee what happens


foam and heat..and the result is a diferent chemical you dont want in youir hair


revised wash system

steps 1 and 2 can be reversed in ordewr its up to you

step 1 get undressed (we wont peak go ahead)

step 2 (pr 1 u can do this 1st) pour the measueed amount of baking soda in a bowl bucket or pitcher ..just bs no water yet you can add the oils to the bs now while dry thats fine

step 3 place this somewhere convinient to reach but wont get knocked over easy..just putside the shower might be a good place

step 4 hop in the shower (make sure u got undressed if u did the bakimg soda 1st haha)

srep 5 get wet..really soak yoir dreads well

step 6 add the right measuremeny-ts of water (u can guestimate but the closer to the right amount the better thats 1/2 cup baking soda to 5 cups water)

step 7 reach in to the bottom swit]rl yoir hand around feel for clumps and break em up

step 8 close eyes pour over head

step 9 if your coordinated enough to find the soap and wash your body whith eyes closed do so otherwise sing fantasize meditate or do whatever it is u do to kill time in the shower

step 10 after a time has pased 10 minutesish or as long as u think is longg enough rinse the baking soda out with water

step 11..after the baking soda was rinsed out wirh water rine out the bowl bucket or pitcher u used (or use a diferent 1 u dont want the acv reacting with any left over bs still in the containrwr) once its rinced well add a lil acv and water (u can add oilds to acv too but not neeeded)

pour on then rinse

thats it

do it all in the shower..not sink

and dont mix the 2 ti[ogether or let them reacte during the rinse

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