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dreadlocks shampoo
mario hernandez2


Location: Corona, CA
Zipcode: 92880
Country: US

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undoin dread

By mario hernandez2, 2013-10-17

how do i undread a dread? without cutting it

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By mario hernandez2, 2013-09-17

can i wear a wool beanie its not tight on my head at all .. its actually pretty loose

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By mario hernandez2, 2013-09-14

is it bad if u do twist and rip method and the roots of the hair dont lock up or is that fine

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twist n rip

By mario hernandez2, 2013-09-12

when doing rthis method do u have to have rubberbands or something hoolding the ends of the hair?

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washing hair

By mario hernandez2, 2013-09-08

is it possible to clean/wash my hair too much? if so how many times a week is it best to wash my hair.. i use baking soda and a cap full of acv and some rosemary tea :)

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scent oil

By mario hernandez2, 2013-09-07

are scent oils and essential oils different from each other?

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By mario hernandez2, 2013-09-06

whats a good home remedy for dandruff? will rosemary TEA be good?

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