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Mario hernandez


Location: Corona, CA
Zipcode: 92880
Country: US


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tea tree oil

By Mario hernandez, 2014-08-05

i just bought a little bottle of tea tree oil can someone tell me how i apply it into my hair for dandruff

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pony tail

By Mario hernandez, 2014-08-04

i just started dreading my hair 7 days ago(neglect method) and i was wondering if i can have my hair in a pony tail or will it affect the process ??

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fresh start

By Mario hernandez, 2014-07-31

i have attempted to dread my hair a couple times now. i didnt feel comfortable with the length of my hair at the time.. i feel like its at a decent size now, its down to my shoulders and i started the neglect method on tuesday(so 3 days since ive conditioned or combed) im pretty confident that ill make it through this time and actually go through with letting my hair dread (:

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By Mario hernandez, 2014-03-05

Photo%20on%202014-03-04%20at%2021.59.jpg is this a good length to start dreading naturally? and how long would it take for it start forming dreads? i know longer hair dreads faster and shorter takes longer.

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By Mario hernandez, 2013-07-13

is it better to start dreads with shorter hair or longer hair????

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