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Two months (sort of)

user image 2013-08-21
By: Maria Tyler
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Well... it's been almost two months. I had a set-back after the first couple of weeks, and inadvertently conditioned my hair (UGH), and was back to square one. It took me a while to get started again, but here we are.

So, things are going okay. I still have tons of questions and wonder if I am doing this right. It seems that my sections are really small. I try not the let the sections get bigger than 1-1.5 inches on my head, but the dreads are soooooo skinny. But, they are also REALLY weird shapes with all their twists and knots.

Also, I wonder if I am separating too often (every day). If I don't, the dreads all team up and join in with dreads clear across my head!

Also, my hair is dreading in the middle and at the ends, but not near my head. I think that is okay, but should I be putting in beads or anything like that?

Finally, it seems that my head does not want to section in nice "circular" ways, but rather it sections in lines. No matter what I do (try to coerce the sections to be shaped better), it seems that my head would rather have long skinny sections. Does that make sense? Do I need to be worried that my dreads won't be round (or round-ish) but rather they will be flat?

Here are some pictures:

And here is what the majority of the dreads look like. They seem kind of skinny to me (1/8 to 1/4 inch thick in most spots), and they make crazy twists and turns, but I like them! Will they get fatter? Also, I "play" with them all the time. It just feels so cool to run them between my fingers. Is that bad to do? I don't know if I can stop!

FYI, I am using the neglect method. I have not twisted and ripped or anything like that. I just separate. I wash with BS/AV every other day, but I don't really keep the BS in for that long. But... I also go to the ocean a few times a week, so the salt water stays in my hair for a few hours before I wash it, so I'm thinking that might have the same effect .. ???

I will try to give an update next month around the same time. Bye for now!

Maria Tyler
09/09/13 01:36:38AM @maria-tyler:
Thank you for your response! You are always so helpful :-)

Tara C
08/21/13 07:01:46AM @tara-c:

They'll get thicker. The dreads will thicken to become the size of the section at the root (in your case 1-1.5 inches, which is thick).

Separate them as often as you need to. If that's everyday, then that's fine.

They do tend to dread in the middle or the ends first, it just depends. It's all normal, but they'll all dread up eventually :)

The 'lines' are normal, they don't really round out until they dread more and more. And then some will be flat, but most will be round or round out because of how you sleep on them.

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