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if your serius and committed sign up here

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/08/13 02:02:23AM

ok so lets buckle down and make this happen

if we are going to do this lets get serious

1st off we should have a website dedicated soly to this community where we have a mission statement and guidlines and all that sorta businessy type thing availiable for all to read

we need to figure out what we can pull together for startup funds and afford for operational funding and have a decent idea of skills etc

ok so lets form a founders commity

everyone who posts here shall be stating they are commiytted to making this happen


post how many ppl yoir committing to (for families)

if multiple people are you thinking 1 dwelling per family or 1 community dwelling (some land may only alow 1 dwelling while others may allow multiple thos needs to be reasearched prior to purchase)

what skills do each individual have to offer the community

what available funds do you have now that you can commit to assist with startup costs (keep in mind we should all basicly go all in we are building our entire future )

once on the land what can you realisticly expect to contribute on a monthly basis

(unless we have enough startup capital to buy the land outright there will be a monthly expense untill paid fully) (plus we will need some funds for well digging sewer or composting facilities construction tools etc etc

any medical or health issues to be concidered (nobody should be excluded due to anything just the proximity to medical help may need to be concidered (you dont want a 4 hour drive to a hospitol during a heart or asthma attack)

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