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Order of Business

11/09/12 08:48:56AM

I was thinking what would be the the best way to go about setting this up. A general plan of what we need to accomplish is important to focus the work ahead.

1st- Land is needed. This step is likely to be the most difficult. The costs will likely be immense. I saw a community like this, living off the grid, somewhere in America. They had set up a tofu company to cover their running costs, but I don't know how they funded their initial set-up.

Personally, I think that a wooded area would be most suitable. You need somewhere with abundant wood for heating during the winter.

2nd- Immediately after land isacquired(season permitting) vegetables should be planted. There will need to be fences erected to keep animals away from the produce. For some vegetables, apoly-tunnelwill be required. It is important to complete this ASAP so that we can beself-sufficient, with regards to food, in just a few months time.

3rd- Fuel. A huge mass of firewood needs to be collected and dried, in order to get through the winter. You cannot burn wood straight from the tree.. Well, you can, but it is not ideal. Green wood does not burn as well, produces more smoke and a lot less heat.

If a wooded are is chosen, this step can also serve to clear the living area of trees.

4th- Morepermanentshelters. It is likely that until now we will have been living in tents. I'm not sure what kind of shelter will be chosen, but it will definitely need to be well insulated, with a central wood burning stove.

5th- Sewerage treatment. Depending on the number of hand available, this step couldcoincidewith the shelter building. I think the best route would be to build ananaerobicdigesterto turn waste into methane for cooking and water purification.

My estimate is that this would take up a full season. There is a lot of work to be done, but depending on how many hands there are it could be done faster. Regardless, these are probably the most essential steps. From here It probably doesn't matter, too much, in what order the next steps take.

Further suggestions, or alterations to my plan are, obviously, welcome.

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