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dreadlocks shampoo
Marcellus Wallace


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Great place for dreadlock shampoo!!!

user image 2013-08-12
By: Marcellus Wallace
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For the longest time, I have been using and promoting the use of as they have some real wicked soap (I'm strictly a bar user). Recently however I've come across and tried a bar (ayurvedic) from and I've been extremely satisfied. To me it was important that they used coconut oil as a base, cuz I love coconut oil. My girlfriend however got one of the henna bars (which doesn't use coconut oil) so her hair gets gradually dyed as she uses it. The soap has a slightly different consistency, and is kinda tacky when you first get it wet, but with more water, lathers up. Why did i switch? You get more soap and it costs less, that is really the only reason.

Diego F.
08/15/13 12:54:42PM @diego-f:

Cool! My dreadlockshampoo bar ended, and my liquid shampoo [dragons blood] will end in some weeks...

Where i live i found a shampoo bar for dreadlocks that is slighty different from the dreadlockshampooo bar... it costs R$15,00 [$ 6.39], and the dollar is so high here that i can't buy products from dreadlockshampoo for now [2 bars and 1 liquid shampoo from there will cost me R$160,00 - $68 or more because of the taxes here on Brazil]...

the tea tree & lemon grass soap is almost an copy of the dreadlockshampoo bar, i think, but some of the ingredients are different...

i have one picture of it [it will arrive here in 3 days]

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