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Marcellus Wallace


Location: Elgin, IL
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Music and I

By: Marcellus Wallace
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I feel through music, as do we all, for music evokes emotion. I am self taught with my few instruments and though I once knew notation of the saxamophone, now dont bother with learning notes, chords, scales, or keys but just play by ear. Also, I dont perform, which means I very rarely practice and am always creating. Whilst playing music I get random inspiration from an unknown source, to me it seems like theres a place these notes belong, a groove in which they would naturally sit. As I progress through a jam that will only be heard once and then never again, the stream of music flows through my mind (for some reason it appears to be blue?) and my aim is to follow it. At times Im rather successful at following this stream and the music sounds great, but when I stray it gets dissonant and turns into bitter, bitter earwax in my ears. Producing music on the pc however, does not work the same way. Since the song is made piece by piece, it cant be made live and I cannot follow the stream that flows as time progresses. Instead I must refer to this muse between every few notes/beats I lay down. Much more time consuming and much less natural. Therefore I have a lot of scrap pc music for every decent sounding song I make. When you involve MIDI controllers, it combines the two, allowing for more flow than pc made music while sacrificing some inspiration for preciseness. With some pre-produced synths and loops, activated by MIDI, synchronized with live music, I believe an ideal balance can be achieved. I must however admit that I believe electronic music can never be as divine as music created on the spot. For it is only then that you can fully surrender yourself to the flow.

03/08/13 11:25:25PM @naturaldreads01:

Wow. Nicely said brother. :D This inspires me to pick up my guitar again.

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