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The Coconut Oil Mystery

user image 2012-12-12
By: Marcellus Wallace
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So last night in a dark room, i scraped some extra virgin coconut oil out of a jar with my finger, and it did something magical, it lit up blue! I tried again and it lit up again. I then showed my girlfriend just to make sure i wasn't seeing things and she saw it too. If any of you have heard of this or know why it occurs I'd like to know. It was kinda chilly last night so the oil was rather firm, dunno if that has anything to do with it.

Marcellus Wallace
08/14/13 11:00:28AM @marcellus-wallace:

I have always known coconut oil to be useful against viruses, fungi, and bacteria, so I too would seriously doubt some sort of glowing bacteria colonizing the oil. However it's not beyond the realm of possibility. I'll just assume it's a manifestation of some sort of metaphysical energy, at least until science intervenes.

08/13/13 08:06:52PM @kw:

can't see it being bacteria. I use the coconut oil as a massage oil (it is very good for that) and there is absolutely no luminescence when I massage with it. However, my wife does exactly the same massage (even rubbing her own arm) and it flashes blue. It seems very unlikely that bacteria on her skin would be much diffferent than mine.

if this effect only occurs for some people, then I can understand why many do not see it.

It remains a mystery.

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
08/12/13 09:40:11PM @soaring-eagle:

it would be a bacteria causing this much like foxfire wich is rotting wood that glows

i believe anyway

08/12/13 08:52:08PM @kw:

I noticed the luminescence of cocnut oil when giving a massage. The oil has been sitting out exposed to air for a few weeks (in an open container) and it was a warm evening. I did a Google search to see if anyone else has noticed this, and found this site.

Sorry -no dreadlocks, but I am really curious about the bio-luminesence of coconut oil and why there is so little information about it.

Marcellus Wallace
06/21/13 12:49:35AM @marcellus-wallace:

Same color light here...

Marcellus Wallace
12/21/12 04:26:41PM @marcellus-wallace:

So my jar of oil melted and after I re-solidified it in the fridge, it no longer lit up blue. I believe this will only work with a fresh jar that has not been disturbed. Perhaps a layer of something forms when it isn't exposed to oxygen for a period of time, and then upon coming in contact with the air, it activates some sort of bio-luminescence, perhaps the oil stole my soul, at this point it's all speculation. Apparently lifesavers also light up when you crack them, perhaps this is related somehow.

Castaway J
12/17/12 11:40:05AM @castaway-j:
hmm, ok so i left my jar outside to get freezing cold. when i tried to scrape it in a dark room i did not notice any blue at all. maybe its the brand you have? mine is Artisona or something.

Marcellus Wallace
12/17/12 11:22:54AM @marcellus-wallace:

So the coconut oil definitely needs to be cold, no chance of it even working when soft.

12/13/12 07:25:17AM @gingerrose:
I'm also curious about this

Brandi Leigh
12/12/12 10:43:40PM @brandi-leigh: - This is a cooking post about a curry made with coconut oil that was turning blue so god knows...I'm really curious as to what causes this haha.

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