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Marc Fisher


Location: Newcastle
Country: GB


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Brandon Riggins
08/17/14 11:03:58PM @brandon-riggins:
Please post more! I have curly hair and am wanting to begin my dread journey! Tips on how your started?

Megan Atwood
03/17/14 02:40:54PM @megan-atwood:

Your locks are beautiful!

marcus dawkins
09/26/13 12:07:34AM @marcus-dawkins:
Love ur locks!

James Marsh
08/05/13 03:07:05AM @james-marsh:
Man Ur beautiful!!!

05/25/13 11:26:50AM @darkstar:

I've been doing pretty good. On my 6 month break from classes right now. So for the rest of the spring and summer, I'm working at a field station in the NJ pine barrens. Studying fungi and soil health. It's pretty cool. I get to run around the woods and take samples, then grow mushrooms in petri dishes. Then look at them under microscopes.

It's a lot f work, though. I go in a 6am, and don't get home until about 6pm. But I get to work with one of the biggest names in soil ecology and mycology. So it's completely worth it.

What's been new with you?

Dave Reynolds
03/12/13 11:15:38AM @igor-emanuel-rodrigues-ferreira:

Rachel, its great to see your dread journey continues. The transformation has been amazing to see. Thanks for sharing. I've been slacking on my end with keeping a picture journal or whatever.

PS Boxing, eh?

Rhianna Loves You
11/20/12 11:21:13AM @rhianna-loves-you:
Hey my luvver, hoping ur well, I'm having trouble understanding how to add photos to my page... Any tips?? I'm feeling especially pretty today, and I am totally psyched every day that passes and am loving this site... Thank you for love and guidence you truly are a sista of mine xxxxxx

07/31/12 09:18:58PM @clinton:

Hey Rachel,

I have pretty similar hair to yours and just wanted to ask you a quick question about sectioning. I am currently of the opinion that each ringlet should be a single section, but some of them are quite small, and oftentimes three or four ringlets will twist around each other like a double/triple helix. Did you section your hair in the single ringlets? Or did you let a few ringlets stay twisted around each other to form bigger dreads?

I love your hair, and secretly hope that my dreads, when they form, will look just as rad!

Ellese Casteel
06/11/12 05:31:09PM @ellese-casteel:

haha wow your hair looks mental for 9 months! they are coming on lovely nice and thick:-) yea your really not that far away its really nice to meet people close to home not that many people in the uk on this site!

i was hoping to go to one love but it clashes with my best friends birthday and i said i would do a set for him and they need my pa and decks etc and my other couple of mates coming one to do a jungle set and a other a d&b set. should be good tho got to love a good old rave up in a field! hahaha i well wish i was going to one love tho ive herd soooo much about it!

Ellese Casteel
06/10/12 06:48:00AM @ellese-casteel:

hello nice to meet a local on here! lol how is london today? essex is a tad over cast but still worn! your dreads are coming on lovely how long have you been dreading for now?

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