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Manya Maratou


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hello -introducing myself

By Manya Maratou, 2012-09-14

Hello everyone

I am Manya, a storyteller and musician. I live just outside a village north of Athens, Greece.

I have long, dry, wavy hair. I have been letting it do its stuff for two or three years now. I've been using hair oil to comb it out every few days, plaiting it for performances and work, rolling a bun to get it out of the way. I woke up one morning and the plait was all felted up..used a comb, oils and hair conditioner and hours of combing to separate the hairs

hours of thinking about what the hair was telling me!

I've been thinking of dreads for a while, but didn't want to do anything potentially damaging to my hair. also I hate the bun, makes me feel old and schoolmarmish(I'm 47). I went online, found this site I am!

I let it go the day I registered here, and it has made me feel so good.

happy to meet you all, I'm off to try the soda-vinegar

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