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Mamaa Wolf


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Hemp Jewelry for sale! All proceeds go to traveling!

user image 2009-10-12
By: Mamaa Wolf
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I've made a bunch of hemp jewelry, and i have it all up for sale on my myspace page. Here's a link if you would like to check it out, i update it about every day since i'm bored sitting around doing nothing know my profile is private but if you click on my picture it will bring you strait to the jewelry.The necklaces are all $15 + shipping (unless your broke like me, i can negotiate the prices), the bracelets are $5 + shipping, and the keychains are also $5.I have examples up of a dog leash I recently made, and i can make more + dog collars, ect.I can do custom made, and basically anything that has to do with hemp that I can figure out I'll make.Just let me know!Peace and love.
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