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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/10/11 06:21:46PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome well lets talk b4 u start go over the optios theres definately good ways and bad

read the dreaducation link

Marie Nadine Pierre
07/07/11 03:01:41PM @rainbow-wannabe:

Yo!! just seein if you already took that cross country bike ride? If you make it down to the SW regionof Florida get at me!! It would be a pleasure to get sum dietary tips in person! Hope all is well.
Oh yah, the mangoes here are a'fallin!!! get um while their hot!! hahahah

01/19/11 10:30:24PM @scotty2:

Hey brother! I was just reading through SE's veggie vegan omni ital? whats your diet and hows it relate to your dreadiness (if at all) discussion and came across your response & video talking about a raw food diet and I was so incredibly inspired! The way you described how nature provides everything for us really resonated with me (like an awakening! I had never thought about a raw food diet in that light before!) I'm on a mostly vegan diet as of now, but I would really love to learn more about a raw food diet and what to eat to make sure you get all the nutrients you need and such from somebody who has such beautiful views and knowledge on it. Do you have a website or a blog or anything where I can find more info? Thanks! Much love!

Frankie Lynn
12/18/10 08:38:51PM @hippie-stew:

Yea man I would love to come. Let me no the details

c☀rdia ॐ
12/14/10 10:55:09PM @bayo-aburto-de-la-fuente:

hey... yeah im interested!!!!!

john q lucas
12/03/10 04:12:10PM @coty:
Thank you for your youtube name I was searching for them a while back but could not find them. They are very inspiring. What you have to say resonates with what I have thought about food and nutrition.

john q lucas
12/02/10 09:00:19PM @coty:
Hello,Do you have videos on youtube about your raw vegan journey? I thought that I may have seen you in a few I watched a couple of months ago. If so,great videos!

07/08/10 03:49:45AM @cam:
Enjoy the freedom.

gina spaller
06/02/10 05:27:35PM @breann-mcintyre:
hi new friend _ i really liked ur bio as i am also very health conscious, i admire you 4 bein a vegan, as i only managed to b a vegiterian for d last 2years_i wish i could but need more time for some good research and a good start !i would like to ask y r u against super foods_? recently a friend of mine has been talking about them alot and honestly i started to interest myself although i haven t done any research yet . . i was told that they're all natural and are a good source mosly 4 veggies / vegansdon know if im saying lies_just interpreting '-'thanks 4u if you can share some knowledge . .peaceeLa

Andrew Bet
04/27/10 02:44:58AM @devon:
Hey brother just had to ask if you dig Xavier Rudd?

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