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Funny Story..

Ariel Loveless
07/12/12 05:24:59AM

I have this minor headache, my boyfriend and I are in the kitchen and we're going to make some tea (Yerba Mate) he's checking it out, comments that it's taste or smell is similar to that of Salvia and goes on about how it makes sense that it would and explains to me that the herb is related to the same plant that Salvia comes from.So I make a joke about smoking it saying..
"We should smoke it! See if it does anything." I was being totally sarcastic.
His reply is something along the lines of..
"Maybe. It is possible, it's a plant so it could do something or nothing at all and we've just done something silly."

Next thing you know we're smoking it. And it actually did something. It wasn't an intense or any way dramatic high, very mild not like pot at all and much better than any synthetic shit. I felt real relaxed and my headache was gone. =]

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