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Lucia Cara


Location: Johannesburg
Country: ZA

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The Most Beautiful Surprises

By: Lucia Cara
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I have had my children for just over a month... Ok a month and 3 days to be 100% exact.

In my country white people especially girls with dreads is not very common, especially in my area.

What is beautiful is that since I've had my babies, most (MOST) people have been so wonderful and complimentary about my babies. They say it looks better, exotic, beautiful and different... I must say I ampleasantly surprised and elated.

I LOVE them so so much and I'm so glad for my journey to start.

I feel more at peace and for the first time ever I am happy with my appearance. This site showed me the way as I did lots of research and I am SO grateful.

LOVE the Children and spread their beauty

12/29/12 06:19:26AM @kelly3:

Great to hear you're having a positive experience. Just wait until those babies are mature.. I bet you'll get loads more positive comments.

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