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Lucas Sherman


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Dreadlocks and prostitic eye

user image 2010-11-06
By: Lucas Sherman
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So wanted to know if anyone had to leave their job from there dreads. I just lost my glass eye so boss wont work with me and im thinking its alittle more then what she is pressing on. Anyone go some advise good or bad?
Lucas Sherman
11/06/10 04:05:46PM @lucas-sherman:
Yeah it wasnt about having dreads they didnt like them but where allowed to have dreads there mostly because they wouldnt work with me after i lost my eye but im looking into it more sence this all happened

11/06/10 04:02:34PM @matt8:
You don't need to leave your job just pull the religion card if dreads are against the company's grooming policy, And sorry about your eye.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/06/10 02:18:38PM @soaring-eagle:
u lost your eye? how?if u claim a religios or spiritual reason for dreads (dont gottas be rasta) then they cant descriminate and fire u over dreadswhat was the excuse theyre using?

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