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Logan Probst


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Day #1 of Dreading: Let the journey begin.

user image 2012-06-22
By: Logan Probst
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As of today, June 21st, I have decided to allow my hair to naturally go through the locking process. I have always been interested (borderlineobsessed) in dreadlocks- though I never thought I would have the ability to have my own.

Within the past few months I have gone through quite a few changes- mainly regarding my 'career' path. I quit my job ofnearlythree years at a one of the largest banks (Corporate America, ZzzzZZZzzzZ) in the United States. That was the biggest relief I have felt in such a long time, I was not meant to be confined to an office. (I've got more important callings.)Since then, I have been enjoying my summer; spending time with friends & family; thinking; and learning to live more free. More free and more happily. I'm doing what I want with my life today, not tomorrow. Therefore, today is Day #1 of Dreading.

I am soooo excited!



06/22/12 01:39:02AM @beijaflor:

congrats chica!! i wish you the best and you are very pretty to boot!!

Logan Probst
06/22/12 12:11:12AM @logan-probst:
Thanks, I'll see what happens and go from there. The worst case scenario is a shaved head, right? And I can totally rock a fade, I'm sure of it ;)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/22/12 12:08:40AM @soaring-eagle:

u look excited just i l=know your going natural and a lil more length will really make all the difference

u might want to concider biotin suppliments to help the hair grow faster for a couple months

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