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Logan Glasgow


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Lavender oils, Rosemary oils, baking soda, dread bath!

user image 2011-08-01
By: Logan Glasgow
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My buddy "Chef" as he calls himself on this site, let me get a taste of an awesome way to wash your dreads, he conjured up a mixture of rosemary oil, lavender oils, and, baking soda, oh and don't forget some Dr.Bronners, into a gallon bucket. I dipped my dreads in it, let it sit for 10 minutes and repeated. My head feels amazing, my dreads smell, feel, and taste great! (You know I'm kidding about tasting them...Hopefully, even though they smell delicious) You should all try this sometime, its swell! :) Dread on.

Nichole Currier
08/03/11 12:50:57PM @nichole-currier:

i use peppermint also, i really have to go out and get tea tree oil, and have been contiplating dr. b's it's so hard for me not to post about how awesome my hair feels after it's been washed haha

08/01/11 10:05:36PM @foxpaw:
Oh and I use the same oils plus tea tree oil :)

08/01/11 10:04:46PM @foxpaw:
Yeeeah every now and then ill add dr b's too, just a teeny squirt

David Dade
08/01/11 10:26:33AM @david-dade:

how much do you add

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