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First time for everything.

By: Liz2
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So I've been wanting dreads for a million years, but there have always been reasons ( or excuses ) for me not to commit to starting them. The main one being that I needed to move out of my parents home--for obvious reasons. I guess that I also thought that my hair was incapable of forming dreads. The last time I brushed my hair was years ago, but they never formed so much as a knot. Coming to this site, I realized it's because I always conditioned my hair. So hopefully now, without the conditioner in the picture, my hair will be able to do what it wants to! Super excited about beginning the process and committing to it. :)

I'm also excited about having found this community. I'll try to post photos sometime soon to use as a reference in the future.


12/17/12 07:30:24PM @liz2:

I think so too. Hopefully having shorter hair won't slow things down too much.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/17/12 06:51:06PM @soaring-eagle:

awesome and will b e interesting to see just how fast it does dread

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