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Location: Memphis, TN
Zipcode: 38111
Country: US


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Dreaming of Birds
Little wrap
Little dreadwrap
May, Pumpkin, and Draven got something on your face...
up close and ugly!
The troll in the serwers!
the back looks good though lol
more frizy strays
lots of stray hairs underneath
on the monkey bars


Dustan Snow
11/28/09 05:50:48PM @dustan-snow:
No prob bud take it easy

Tanner Bonsie
10/29/09 03:16:47PM @tanner-bonsie:
yea it definatly motivates meand congrats. i hope everything works out

Lonnie Berg
10/29/09 12:12:33PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank's for reaching out, I'm honored to be your friend.Much Love and Light to You and Yours, namaste'

Lonnie Berg
10/28/09 01:35:02PM @lonnie-berg:
It's the people that make this site so great, everyone's so kynd and helpful, and we're glad you're here. Welcome to thr phamily, you're gonna fit right in, namaste'

Lonnie Berg
10/28/09 10:24:45AM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings Brother, glad your journey has crossed our path, you'll find lotsa kynd, helpful folks here and mucho good info, namaste'

mike e
09/04/11 01:46:15PM @ben:

LOL So glad you had forwarding'] I bet Hawaii is beautiful!

mike e
08/31/11 01:25:09PM @ben:

WOW that took a long time! Glad you like them']

Gareth Wilson
08/16/11 08:38:01PM @candy-red:

You have the most beautiful soul of anyone i know!

You better take care of yourself in hawaii, I CANNOT wait to join you there in nov in time for the gathering!

With great love&respect

---Your partner in crime---- :D

Chris DeLorenzo
08/14/11 07:19:18AM @deontae-adams:

Unfortunately, I'm not going to school at the moment. But if you ever need anything let me know :)

Chris DeLorenzo
08/12/11 06:58:55AM @deontae-adams:
Hey! Youre a UH student?

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