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dreadlocks shampoo
Little Steven


Location: Oceano, CA
Zipcode: 93445
Country: US


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This is my second dread journey, I feel like its the first 'real' experience as last time I used wax, backcombing, dreadheadhq shampoo, and I was even told to shave portions of my hair, that wouldnt dread!! This time I decided to do my research, due to a rebirth in I conscience and do it all over again, but this time the real way, and for real reasons, Jah whilling. So about almost two months ago I started washing my hair in dilluted Dr. Bronners peppermint, and after about two weeks I started seeing sections, I was going to do them natural, But one night I wife and I just felt it in our hearts to take the sections that my hair had chosen, and twist and rip them to start them along.. this was after several hours of work, and patience.

After about a week then looked like this.

And Here is I at about a month Since the TnR..

looks messy, but they look natural, and amazing

hoping by starting this, I can have a timeline of my progress, to look back on and compare. Plan to post every couple months. seeing progress is inspirational, motivating. I give thanks and praise to the most high, for choosing I to take this new journey, and blessing I with the opportunity to show the true love that resonates in all of us. Shalom :)

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