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my dreads
my son named Love :)
me and Love


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/01/12 08:33:16PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome glad u stopped crocheting thats extremely bad for them they look well recovered but how long did recovery take? 6 months or so i bet huh

Derek Ageless
05/17/11 10:50:01PM @marcus-dagostino:

hiya bud, hey i noticed your facebook pic on your profile, your dreads look soooooooo long, kool.How's about some update pix??

oh yeah and how is ya,lol

Derek Ageless
04/19/11 08:50:34PM @marcus-dagostino:

Yay! good to here your O.K., i didnt pay them much attention over the weekend but monday morn news mentioned N.C. and i hadnt seen ya round....

Lifes decided i've had it too easy lately and has turned my world to sh-t at the moment, but ya gotta keep on smilin.

We should be gettin some 9month dread pix from you soon if i'm not wrong, mine are going good, the stiffness from crochet is slooowly going(gone in some) and theyre def getting longer.

Derek Ageless
04/17/11 05:57:12PM @marcus-dagostino:

Hey Kat,

Just saw about the tornados hope you and yours are O.K .

Hows everything goin babe?

03/21/11 05:00:44PM @kristen-youngberg:

Hey ya Kaitleyn~

Moving up to ash this summer, hope to see ya around~

Cyndi Samura
03/10/11 05:01:49PM @charlie2:
I don't know. I got in trouble with the law and am fighting two felonies. Nothing bad, just illegal. I am not sure when I will be able to travel out of state, hopefully I can foe the summer.

Derek Ageless
03/08/11 03:24:46AM @marcus-dagostino:

yeah i didnt say there was anything wrong, didnt mean to offend.

I logged in noticed your pic had changed but couldnt quite make out what angle it was so opened your page and got better detail.Noticed your dreads are gettin longer(are they soft or kinda stiff?) and noticed your attire and the thought just jumped in there "shit it's cold over there"???Sorrry i was havin a boring day at work on the end of a mescaline buzz there was heaps of thoughts up there then.

cheers for the genre,my daughter and i love "geisha" found some of their other stuff(kong) but weren't to keen on that but want some more so i'm off to climb out this hole i've dug(lol) and surf for music.

Derek Ageless
03/07/11 08:43:09PM @marcus-dagostino:

also, i love the piece of music on your page "Geisha", just wondering what genre does it come under and can you recommend any others.

Old man Jenkins
02/26/11 05:35:44PM @amy-madsen:

Yours are beautiful as well many thanks and blessings. I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend

Spencer Livingston
02/16/11 05:28:52PM @native-girl77:

Yeah, tanx for the advice : ), why not use the crochet hook?

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