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Weird disturbing dream

By: lino sanchez
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So i had a really disturbing dream last night. I was in some river and I looked up at the night sky and there was this astronomically large black circle just taking up like 30 percent of the night sky. I remember hearing it was like some portal or something, activated by some other lifeforce out there. It was truly a terrifying site, and each time I looked at it just fell to the grond and started bugging out. This probably has something to do with my astrophobia, and fear of large astronomical bodies just manifesting in the sky. The sight of this black spot in the sky was just disgusting, and I couldn't figure out how to process this concept. I've always wondered what would happen to the human mind if something like a giant image just instantly took up the whole night sky, or if the whole sky just started sparkling and shifting shape and form right before our eyes, and if we as humans could handle it. I've always wondered what that feeling would be like, and I now know to some degree what it would be like. Yes, I am weird.
03/02/10 08:37:56PM @shawnee:
i agree with wild rainbow, and to add, i have similar fears. i was just wondering the same thing almost everyday this past week. and i don't know the answer. i like to think i'd be able to handle it, because i've seen other things that blew my mind. like energy and auras i've seen. btw, if you're migrating from hipforums, as you say, try i'm a member there.

11/10/09 11:39:23PM @wildrainbow:
11/11 is a major energy portal- good day for burning some sage, manifestation, blessings of peace and light.- Make the dark disappear in the light time to release all that has been holding you in the dark. Fear is the illusion my friend. your intuition is right on!

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