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dreadlocks shampoo


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03/09/12 10:01:16AM @lindsey3:

This is my second time.. the first time i had them back combed and i didnt wash my hair for 8 months.. i couldnt stand it. so i took them out. I know it will take a while.. i dont thnk i woulld have used this method if i was wanting dreads RIGHT NOW lol.. so thats ok. i like that it will take time.. bc that also gives me time. does that make sence? lol and as for the short hair thing.. i cant really help that lol ive always had looong hair.. and i just decided that i was gont lock up soi did, : ) thanks for ur advice and kind words. have a good day/night :)

Ethan Hemphill
03/06/12 01:28:49PM @ethan-hemphill:

You need to patient, it is a very long process and journey. I am at 13 months and not all of my hair is locked up yet. It will happen inevitably. try to leave them alone while keeping them clean and you will have nice locks. it is better to start with your hair shorter vs longer. you will get more uniform locks with shorter hair. but i love that you are doing the neglect natural method! Peace

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