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Its about that 2 month mark :D

By: Lindsey3
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Well its been around 2 months.. i dont remember the day exactly because it took me a while to TnR my whole head.. so around the beg. of the month.

Ive notied some significant shrinking. A lot of them got really really loopy, and like crawled up on them selves. Now they are really short and have like a ball at the end. One shrunk so much that it looked like a big fat zig zag.. i wraped it with some yarn a couple days ago. I should have taken a picture fist.. darn it.

The dreads on the left side are comming a long more than the right. I sleep in the left side more i guess.

My heads been axtremely itcy for a while now.. i wash every 2 days but i might make it every other day and see if that helps. I didnt have a itchy scalp before dreads, and whats really weird is that with my first set i was really really itcy too. But i figured it was bc i didnt wash my hair AT ALL for 5 months. YUK.

Other than that i cant really think of much else. Just enjoying the journey!!

04/01/12 06:08:47PM @lindsey3:

Its taken quite nicely! Ive always had curly knotty hair. its weird though, on a lot of them the first 3 or 4 inches are knotting up and the rest is just.. hair. ill take some pictures.. :)

It is crazy how different peoples hair is! some peoples hair just love it and knot in just days and others takes quite a while.. i am suprised its still doing so good and knotting so nicely since i used condidioner last month :( tried to comb some out, dumb mistake.

Tara C
04/01/12 02:57:30PM @tara-c:

I'm at almost eight months and my hair sounds like it's at the same stage as yours lol crazy. Guess your hair loves to dread :)

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