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bad day

user image 2012-03-19
By: Lindsey3
Posted in:

today im really stuggaling with my dreads. i twist and ripped my bangs yesterday, and then i decided i didnt want them dreaded today.. so i combed them out. buut then i couldnt stop. so i took out a couple more. and now im thinking i want to comb them all out. i got in the shower and put conditioner on my hair.. and now im just stuck. idk what i want and the reason i did this was to actually stick with it and grow and change. and now im trying to quit?! idk whats going on.. it doesnt make it any better that i come from a small town. its pretty country lol.. and my boyfriend doesnt like my dreads.. so he saw me combing some out and got really excited.. so now im just really confused.. ugh. i knew id do this to my self : (

03/21/12 08:20:10PM @lindsey3:

I didnt even realize what i was doing. I just wanted my bangs undreaded. but then all of a sudden 3 other dreads were undone.. oops. but the really bad parrt was that i didnt stop, then i got in the shower and pput conditioner on my hair.. then i finally realized what the heck are u doing. so i only lost 3. so its ok : )

Rainbow Fortune
03/21/12 10:50:06AM @rainbow-fortune:

I had the same impulsive thing in August. I was about 3 months in at the time, went to bed one night, almost fell asleep, but then I just sprang up from bed, went to the bathroom, and combed my hair. Don't know why, to this day I am not sure of what the reason was. Now I'm seven months in, but I still feel bad whenever I remember what I did. My advice to you is to wait a couple of days whenever you get the urge to comb your hair. It will pass. And faster than it would take for the guilty feeling to go away if you do comb. :)

03/19/12 06:56:21PM @lindsey3:

and a padlock is a good idea! hah

03/19/12 06:55:47PM @lindsey3:

he just misses running his fingers through my hair.. i mean i cant be mad cuz its cute ya know?! lol he doesnt care about the way i look aspact, he liked playing with my hair. lol

should i wash today, again, for the second time lol or tomorrow morning? i just dont want it to mold or something if i dont get it all out.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/12 06:33:47PM @soaring-eagle:

either 1 just want that conditionjer out and maybe do sea salt too

and then forgive yourself

and promoice yourself you wont weaken again

and scold the bf for not being suportin[]ve

03/19/12 06:29:04PM @hippiegal:

Ask them to put a padlock on the conditioner bottle - only joking! BS or liquid dread shampoo are probably both good.

03/19/12 06:25:52PM @lindsey3:

Thanks guys : ) i cant keep the conditiner outo f the the shower cuz its not mine so people might get mad i moved their stuff..

what should i wash with? should i do bs so i dont unravel them anymore than they already are? i aslo have the liquid dread shampoo

03/19/12 06:20:08PM @hippiegal:

If you rinse out the conditioner carefully, your dreadlocks should stay put. Then later wash as normal. This may sound weird, but if you're in that uncertain space, keep the conditioner away from the shower or basin. So you won't be tempted to reach out and use it until you're REALLY sure that's that you want to do. Things like that work for me, anyway. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/12 06:18:33PM @soaring-eagle:

wash out the conditioner tell the boyfreind hes not alowed to be excuited about you doubting yiourself' throw the conditioner and comb out u cant impulse comb or condition if yu dont own a comb or conditioner

03/19/12 06:01:59PM @lindsey3:

im worried about the conditioner in my hair.. because i washed it sunday and then washed put conditioner in it today so idk if i should wash it again.. i guess i gotta lot goin on lol

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