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One month!!

user image 2012-03-04
By: Lindsey3
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Ok so on a lighter at my one month mark of my twist and rip/neglect dreads! Not really much going on but progress.. very slow progress. It doesnt seem like a lot is going on because i dont look that often lol i do feel a lot of loops and im still having trouble on the sides of my head with them wanting to congo at the roots. I popped some beeds on some of them and it seems tpo be helping a little bit, even if only to know where some of the dreads are! lol yes it gets that bad. The right side of my scalp feel like a big fuzz ball. the left isnt as bad.. wich is weird actually cuz i sleep on my left side more.Other than that they are soaking up the love!

One other thing i noticed doesnt even have anything to do with my hair its self..

ok ill try not to ramble

one of the reasons i decided to lock up was because im not eally all that happy with they way ive been living my life.. i dont know how to say this so here goes.. this isnt a sob story or nything lol. im just a mean person. I dont know what in my life made me that way but i just have up all theese walls and the biggest part is anger, and im just not ver nice. I wish i wasnt like that and im trying to change.

so anywho the other day at work i noticed that this one lady had been on the phone ssince she got there. she came in.. got on the phone. ( an i work at fedex so u cant take ur ohone into work. so she was on the work phone/s) then we had pre work.. then she got on the phone.. then we were going to our work stations.. she was on the phone. my first thought was damn get off the phone and do some work... jeeze thats all uve dont since uve been here. Now mind u she was smiling and carrying on in theese conversarins.. so thats why i got up set.. but then i stopped my self and said hey u know what mayne she has a sick kid or somehting is going on in her life why do u have to be such a negative nancy. just let her be.. let it be.

normally i would have never stopped and thought about it like that. so my dreads are teaching me! they really are.. and i love them : )

(i feel like i made myself look like a bitch in this blog.. im not i just have a problem with poeple.. i dont really like most of them and a lot of them are judgemental and ass holes.. and unfortunatly those people seem to flock to me..)

05/04/16 07:58:40PM @sharonwillis:

hi hun, your not alone,i am also an angry person. I have had depression etc. Life has turned upside down for me and my family. i snap at little things in life that annoy me and i really need to control it and be thankful for the things i have in my life. Im starting my natural /neglect dreadlocks this week for two reasons. 1. i love dreads and need a change in life. 2. the natural /neglect method is learning how to be patient and this is what i need to learn in life. keep your head up hun and smile. x

03/05/12 11:46:43AM @lindsey3:

Yes one month seems like it went so fast!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/05/12 12:37:05AM @soaring-eagle:

its only been a month small progrss is all u should expect thatrs just 4 weeks just 30 days i dunno how many hours or seconds but really its a short time

in fact

you can go obver 2 months without eating a bite

tho typicaly a long fast is 30 days i know peoplewho have gone 60 and actualy a relatuive did a 78 day hunger trivke and then died so when u put it in that perspective that u can go twice as long without food 30 days isnt thast long at all id it

but yea they change yiu just weeks your personality is affected.. how you handle stress and everyday situations and se the possitive in things more easily

in 6 months this 1st months progrss will seem fast not slow

your perception will change

you will see time diferently too

whats tyhe rush?

do you haveto have mature dreadsby a certain date or life ceases to matter/

03/04/12 11:48:37PM @lindsey3:

I saw my shadow earlier and i thought my har had shrunk a little bit.. so i had to go look andi think it was just my layers lol. i was like holy cow.. no way i lost that much lenght.. last night. i mean i look at my hair everyday i just dont inspect it or bother with how it looks.. a girls gotta see what she looks like sometimes right ;) plus on the rare occasions i do put make up on u gotta use a mirror.

:) and thanks for the encouragement.. i mean im not like a nasty mean person i just have mean thoughts.. and get grumpy real easy lol im like a snickers commercial if im hungry. its funny cuz by boyfriends always knows when i get hungry.. or tired. lol

Tara C
03/04/12 11:38:07PM @tara-c:

Small progress adds together to make bigger progress, so it's on the right track :) and I think you're doing the right thing by not looking often, it helps you not worry about all the little things.

As for you being a mean person...well, if that's true, then it shows that deep down you're actually not mean, because you care enough to notice it and not want to be that way, so you can keep improving the parts about your personality that you may not like, or that can be improved. We're all works in progress, and life is a journey to be the best person you can be, it's always about growing.

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