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Day 11

By: Lindsey3
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Last night i washed my hair with the nag champa dreadlock shampoo bar.. first off it smells AWESOME!! second..after my hair air dried i noticed i had 2 baby dreads forming! and its only been 11 days without a comb!i am so super excited to see what else is comming! I love that about natural/neglectdreads rather than when i had them back combed at a salon, the fact that everyday they suprise you with something new is totally awesome! i love that they have the ability to just do what ever they want and form how they want! i think ill wash with the shampoo bars while they are stillbabies and my hair is just getting situated. when they figure out where they like and start dreadingthen illdo a bs acv rinse and prolly stick with that as to not disrupt the dreads.. other than that thats my progress so far! yay dreads!! : )

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