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Welcome to my Story

By: Lila May
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Welcome to my story; Thank you for following!

It started in 2010.. I joined this site while learning about dreads and carefully planning dreads for myself. I took the dive and t&r'd my head.. After 2 months on a particularily boring day soaked my head in some extremely powerful conditioner and began to remove them.

I think the timing was wrong, I wasnt loving who I was.. I wasnt ready to be just me in all of my loveliness! I got bored of being happy with my hair and decided it was important to style, dye, cut, straighten, curl it once again. I think these things happen for a reason..

Today I am 3 days into my 2nd set of dreads... I know with every fiber this set will be different, I'm going with a mostly natural/neglect method with a few t&r'd pieces. I'll have some pictures for you all soon.. I'm excited to watch the progression. I'm excited to see what I'll create.

For me dreads symbolize patience and love for ones self. If you do not love your self and what you create you will endlessly search to fill the void. Before, I did dreads to help like myself better, thinking I would be better if I had them and it didnt work... Now I'm ready to love myself no matter what.. and now its time for dreads.

peace and hugs -Andrea

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/14/12 02:04:45AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome back!

its good to see ya again thingschangesd alot around here since ya left and i see things changed for you as well

guess it is timing and i do think this time your in it for the long haul

look forward to seeing your progrs

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