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Day 2 Decision

By: Lexiloubox
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I decided yesterday, driving home in traffic while talking to a girlfriend of mine. She was considering shaving her head and starting again. Her and I are both biracial and have been putting product (relaxers) in our hair for years now and are completely tried of all the chemicals and work that having relatively tame hair on a day-to-day basis.I said something about dreads and how I'd dread my hair before I'd shave it all completely off. That I don't have the head for it to be completely shaved and how I'm just not that brave. She was saying how dreads aren't for her. How they don't fit her personality and may not look as nice with her face.We agreed that we may have found the best options for each of us and she told me how her and her girlfriend's had decided or considered to do this together. I thought it was great that she had that kind of support and someone/s to share in the experience.Before I do anything in life I always research it. Find all the information I can in books, articles, online, and by word of mouth to make sure I'm making the right decision.Everything doesn't require this type of decision making, but if I'm making a lifestyle choice for my hair, then it definitely does.In my search I found Jonny Clean (if that's what he's called, I'm not 100% sure) which lead me here. The kind man that runs this site lead me away from the messages he was putting out about dreads, products, maintenance,and beginning. I'm glad I watched some of Jonny's videos and saw his site. Although I wouldn't be following what he practices, I did learn a great deal from reading his site and watching his vlog. It's always good to see many sides of a story/experience/decision.I will continue to research and try to gather as much information I can about dreads before I dedicate my hair. I am extremely excited. I would start tomorrow if I had the time, energy, and know-how.I will wait AT LEAST 2 to 3 months before I begin. I want to have new natural growth in my hair. Right now I have literally been putting relaxer in my hair since I was about 16 years, 8 years of non stop product. My body and my hair deserve a break. At the very end of May I did keratin straightening in my hair and so on top of it being relaxed there is more product in it. Although the keratin is more natural than the relaxer, it's still product in my hair.I don't even fully remember what my hair is life naturally. It's like women who color their hair constantly and don't remember or know what their natural hair color is. Same thing. Straightening, blow drying, relaxing, and just generally hair wear and tear have taken their toll on what was once beautiful and natural.I don't think I'll have too much difficulty with my hair being thick enough to catch, although I am very nervous about the method that I will use to start my dreads. I've read many things and neglect isn't something I'm comfortable with. I know when it grows out it will get a little nappy and difficult, but I cannot see myself neglecting my head.Twist and Rip is probably. What everyone declares as "natural" is the best way, but I want uniform, straight, well kept dreads. That is the style that suits me. I'm pretty sure they'd be considered boring to a community of people who love their dreads, but part of who I am, uniform and deep down maybe even a little boring. I'm super happy with who I am at this point in my life. I read somewhere that if you make your dreads all the same size and shape etc that the one that isn't similar to the others will be your favorite. That sounds great to me, one different one, no problem. I need to look clean, professional, and well kept. That's me. I'm not manic, crazy, or even unique.My personality says it all. I need my outward appearance to be crisp and nice. I don't want to be prejudged or sending out the wrong message considering I will have kids, parents, a husband, and a career to consider. I do not want to stack any deck against myself for a hair choice. I'm a plain jane. I have never wanted to stand out or be different generally. I know I am not the same as everyone else and love my individuality, but at the same time, I do not want to stop traffic, case double takes or unnecessary amounts of questions about 'look'.I love my hair and am truthfully worried I'm going to miss running my hands through it, straightening it, etc, but how often do I actually do that? The option to do it is there, but I never take it. I don't really straighten my hair anymore and I don't do very much with it to start out with. Dreads wouldn't be limiting my options, but just changing them.That's all for now. Forum time! :)
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/06/10 12:56:02PM @soaring-eagle: start theredreads will change you change how u see thngs give u more confidence to be out there stopping trafic rejecting careers that reject hair they wil give u a much greatter sense of individuality and self so you no longer feel like a plane jane but a powerfull goddess who demands and desserves utmost respect no longer a simple peasant performing simple tasks living a simple life but a queen an empress u will become accustomed to being both looked up to..and looked down upon but you will have the strength and courage to be both because your dreads will let you become more yourself then you ever imagined u could be

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