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" Dreads in school " or " How I chose to be the biggest freak ever "

user image 2014-04-20
By: L.D.50
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Title says it all, I`m hoping for you sharing your own experiences, opinions or whatever fits into here...

04/21/14 05:55:33AM @ld50:

I think so, too. but sometimes it helps talking bout some ovensive kids trying to ignore how boring their life is ;) Thanks for sharing yo "good vibe" and maybe I`m not the biggest freak...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/20/14 01:53:35PM @soaring-eagle:

im not in school

but if you want to have a freakoff contest i bet i got ya beat

Jimmy DC
04/20/14 01:53:12PM @jimmy-dc:

Hey man I started dreading in the end of my hs year, a little over than a year ago. Among my peers I was pretty well liked, cuz most people knew I gave zeros, but I've always tried being genuinely friendly with everyone, and I just feel bad/guilty if I'm mean to someone so that's just part of who I am. And well doing dreads naturally then I didn't have much than three decent looking dreads coming and a lot of buddies were really excited about it and some others had misconceptions about dreads and thought I wasn't showering and stuff haha. I'm in college now and well my dreads are mostly sectioned but not visible enough and my hair is naturally curly so it kinda blends in. I think growing dreads is always a good experience, it's a spiritual journey for many, a self growing part of a person's life, and for many is just an awesome hair style that not many have the guts to get haha. And well just don't care about others opinion, being an individual, different than others it's awesome, the uniqueness that dreads give is a gift not many understand and because of fear prefer to just blend in. I just say keep on growing them man, you'll gain great experiences with and through them

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