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How my dreads have changed me

By Lauryn Dowding, 2014-10-18

This might come across as really strange to some people but i wanted to just put something out there about how my dreads have started to change me as a person. Before when i had my 'normal' straight, long hair i was really unconfident, never happy with the way i looked because of my hair having to be do perfect. I wouldn't leave the house on days that it wouldn't sit right etc etc. I wore clothes that i wasn't even particularly happy wearing just because thats the way i thought i had to be to fit into society. I soon got fed up with that as i became older and my views on things started changing gradually, and my body started to feel more connected to the earth and my soul.

When i finally set down to get dreads after years off disagreement with my parents, i finally felt whole. Knew exactly who i wanted to be and where my life was taking me. My hair is looping and crazy and never sits 'perfect' i get weird looks on the street and disgust from certain members of my family but i just don't care and this couldn't make me happier.

My mind and soul just tell me to reject meat now because of my huge love for animals. Yes i like meat but every time i come across it my heart is just screaming for me to stop. Which never happened to me before, i wasn't ever happy about eating it but would just do it to keep my parents happy, but now i just don't care about what their thoughts are. I do what makes me happy, for my life.

On a last note i had to most weirdest occurrence when i was travelling to work at 4:30am one morning. Where i work we are surrounded by woodland which is great for watching the nature and wildlife to break the day away. On this particular day we parked up and a huge portion of the trees had been cut down when i'd left the day before, and i could actually feel the pain and misery coming from the trees. The grief they felt from having their life ended after all these many years of standing there observing the world. Please tell me there are more people like this!

Everything that is happening to me and the way my life is going and changing is all down to my dreads and for that i am so every grateful!

So on a positive note for all you new dreadies out there, keep this in your head. "I just don't care" it worked for me and kept me happy and following my heart and soul through many a difficult situation.

Peace and love to you all!

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