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Laura Volk


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Haven't dreaded just yet...

user image 2013-03-06
By: Laura Volk
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I'm very excited to start my dreading journey. I have an appointment to get my hair dyed on Tuesday, back to my original natural hair color. I want my dreads to be with my natural hair color because what's gonna happen when my hair grows back out? I'll have blonde bits on top & the rest will be brown & I don't want that at all. So I'm going to dye it back to it's natural color & then near my birthday (March 25th) I will be starting my dreading journey! I'm very anxious. The other day, my best friend & I were walking around in the mall & I grabbed a bit from the back of my hair & did the twist & rip method & palm rolled a little bit. I had a little baby dread going. I was so happy.

I cannot WAIT. I still have many questions about dreads but I know I can figure these out easily.

Here's to happy dreading & a carefree summer ahead of me!

Diego F.
03/06/13 07:23:24PM @diego-f:

Welcome to the long road of natural dreadlocks! For sure, you will end with amazing locks that you will be so proud!

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