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By Laura Earle, 2013-02-12

Hey all. :)

I've had a lot of fun talking about all things dread-like here over the past few months. Definitely learned more about caring for dreadlocks here than I have from any other website, or even from any of the hairdressers I spoke with before resorting to the Internet. It seems like hairdressers -- and people in general, really -- are vvvvery misinformed when it comes to this particular hairstyle (and I know it's more than a hairstyle for most people here, myself included, but I'm referring to it as this right now for simplicity's sake). Last summer, I actually tried to make an appointment at a salon to get my hair partially dreaded, kinda like how it is now, actually, except the dreads would have been or the TnR variety. She flat-out REFUSED to do my hair because, in her opinion, "it wouldn't look right." Guess it was a blessing in disguise, in hindsight. I kept my $250 and decided to go natural shortly after. As of today, I'm nearly half a year into my journey, my hair is partially dreaded, and I think it looks just fine thankyouverymuch! I talked to a few other folk in the hair/beauty department after my decision to go natural, and it was all a waste of breath. It's just funny how no one seems to know what real dreadlocks are today. And kind of sad, too.

OKAY, now for the actual point of this post. I do enjoy all the hair chat; however, I like talking about other things as well! Dreading definitely isn't my only interest, and I'm sure your lives don't revolve around it, either. Where do you go to talk about everything else? Is there a certain group or thread? Let me know! I'm at a very lonely point in my life right now, so I always enjoy a good conversation...

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