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Larra Juab


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Awesome Dreadlock Poem

By Larra Juab, 2012-12-29

My Dreadlocks

My dreadlocks are my declaration of independence
A departure from everything that is commercial
A departure from everything deemed acceptable

My dreadlocks are not an indicator of laziness
But an indicator of freedom, self-expression
But an indicator of the tangles in my soul, my fire

My dreadlocks are not a hint at a drug addiction
But an addiction to the power of my own mind
But an addiction to a freedom most don't have

My dreadlocks are not an act of violence
But an act of life and accepting my mistakes
But an act of taking responsibility for myself

My dreadlocks are not things of filth
But things of beauty, of a meaning beyond
But things of rope, a ladder into my head

My dreadlocks are not just another political statement
But another way of looking at the people around me
But another way of becoming more accepting of difference

My dreadlocks are not a disguise for my face
But a disguise for all the things commercial America finds dangerous
But a disguise for all the dreams and ideals that they haven't yet crushed

My dreadlocks are never to be my hangman's noose
But to be my banner, a proud dancing lash of knots
But to be my reminder, of family and friends, all knotted together

My dreadlocks will never be the anorexic slick sheets
My face will never be plasticine perfect
My body will never be that dangerous model thinness

And because they can't control what I do to my head or what I put in it
They are mine, I am free

*I just found this wonderful poem in via internet, I did not make it. I posted this because I really love every bits and pieces that it states. Hope yall love this too :D*

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