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LaceySage Maria Romero


Location: Lakewood, WA
Zipcode: 98498
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/11 12:56:44AM @soaring-eagle:

i think me and kelyanna got ya in a group hug thing here im so sorry u went through that but it made u stronger its the pollish that made your soul shine

Kellyann Bott
07/25/11 12:45:52AM @kellyann-bott:
I just read your comment on the video about the rainbow gatherings and i feel for you. My family is the same way and there are always people shoving religion down my throat and up my.. buttox. Military school sounds so harsh! I personally think it was entirely wrong for them to send you against your will. Having those military generals shove orders at you and forcing everyone to listen and look the same and fight for the country when fighting will get us nowhere! It's crazy stuff.I'm glad to know there are other human beings like I whom "walk around bare foot with knots in [their] hair craving for a hug."If only I was where you are right now, I'd give you one great big hug!Much luck on your new journey throughout life!& Peace&Love,Kellyann

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/24/11 01:39:11AM @soaring-eagle:

04/23/10 04:53:44PM @astrid-genetrix:
Decent. Working on getting my stuff together for the gathering :P

04/23/10 04:18:16AM @dillon-n:

04/23/10 04:17:59AM @dillon-n:
hiy many warm thanks yous ;) is very nice to meet you wishing you lots of love and lighthugs xxx

Leslie Paco
04/15/10 10:53:33PM @godbear:
thank you for the kind words! (:

Thosy Gimbal
04/15/10 08:01:26PM @joe-shmoe:
Thanks so much, I appreciate the info!

Michael B2
04/15/10 12:48:47AM @mrmeyer:
Thats hilarious. So when do you plan on starting dreads again??

sabrina redmon
04/14/10 08:41:04PM @dorothy-campbell:
hey, my hair was like20 inches i lost a lil length, i think you will with any method

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