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Kundalini Rise


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user image 2010-04-17
By: Kundalini Rise
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All (hu)man evolves. When you embark on such a collective journey, you become a part of the largest possible movement. The illusory struggles of everyday life become lessened or transparent by the light of the higher goal which is interconnected with all forms of life. Positivity and love are paramount to the process, as the rules of emotion and human consciousness need to be balanced just as much as the laws of physics and biology do.Terrence Mckenna defined his theory through a series of darwinian observations. Following natural law he explains how our ancestors may have traveled to grassland planes, after the drying of the jungle, in a search for more sustenance. The mushroom, being a prime source of nutrients in the environment, comes into view.With the event of experiments involving the mushrooms one could conclude that they could have a beneficial and naturally productive effect on wild life, especially with the manner and amount that they would've been ingested in, due to the natural food testing behavior of animals in the area. Their visual acuity is sharpened. Muscular tension, stamina, and strength is increased. Higher functions of the cerebral cortex activate for more complex thought patterns, sexual identityl, integration into a community, relaxation etc etc. All indicates that the mushroom bearing ape is the fittest to survive and thus allowed for increased population, genetic expansion and ultimately higher evolution (homo sapien).What do you feel?Whatever you focus on may ignite the fire of your imagination resulting the creation of your future self.
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