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Transcending Duality

user image 2010-04-17
By: Kundalini Rise
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This is one of the most important aspects of consciousness, the process of change that goes beyond limit, linearity, or definition. The process of exponentially transcending the boundaries of the original locality into a realm who's boundaries are in a continuously (never ending) unique way relative to the previous.When you have two states of existence, matter, or an energy spectrum (defined by polar opposites, extremes, or boundaries of the experiential/definable/measurable llimit), what does the definition of the state become when you are perfectly 50% (is it possible?) in between one extreme and the next? Are you one polar definition, the other, neither, both, or perfectly in between and thus something entirely different?That is the basis of transcendence, removing the limitation of polarity, and becoming more than the previous boundaries permit. The question is, how do you escape the boundary or the limit when they travel infinitely in either direction? You could stop seeking to escape in a linear aspect (one or the other) and remain perfectly balanced and unmoved by the extremes, in the middle, and transcend to higher ground. Instead of moving the mountain physically, you change your perspective of the mountain, in experience, and a new picture appears as a result.To find the continuously unique and transcending option of experience, you must begin to change the very way you think, which by definition is humanly, and by nature limited. The hemispheres of the brain have counter-complementary functions, as do the archetypal nature of consciousness such as female/male. The expanse nature of the right brain must be allowed to find expression through the human vessel and life experience, through the continuous incorporation of higher, more free, and more intuitive/artistic forms of thinking and being. It is not out of human nature to be limited, it is simply not the totality of the human existence, and in truth, never was. The limited aspect is what you see when you focus on the outlines, or the shadow created by life, rather than the life experience itself. So the left-brain's linearity based limitations are not so much a problem, until one is consumed with the incorporation of material, physical, separate (dual) ways of living, so that the higher aspect becomes virtually non-existent. It is not possible to truly become linear, and limited, because eventually the body is released and the consciousness will become something larger.The idea is to reach this realization while in the body, within the left-right brain duality experience, out of choice and will power, so as to truly represent the higher nature, by the definition of a self-awareness initiated shift towards an expression of repeated transcendence of those dualities.In doing this, you capture, express, and embody the spirit of individuality and self-awareness.The trick is to understand that this process never ends, but it does increase in experience, exponentially, and through levels of connectivity with itself and other levels of experiences.In fact, you are currently existing in a multi-dimensional, non physical, eternal state, you simply are focusing on a particular aspect of yourself which represents a particular series of times and locations in the universe. The actual path of your life, and it's representations through decisions is infinite, and all possibilities are existing concurrently and are accessible only when the limitations are removed. Like I stated previously, this is either through the release of the physical body through natural death, or the conscious ascension of the limiting factors of the human and physical existence which are desire, linear thinking, and duality.
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