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Posture and Breathing

By: Kundalini Rise
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Hint: Stand tall, suck in your stomach. Be active and healthy, do it for the right reasons.Eventually your energy will balance itself. What this means for you, experientially, is up to how you perceive yourself.Your skeletal structure must be aligned for the internal organs to work properly and in unison. Your muscular and ligament/tendon connectivity and density/tensegrity (joint to muscle to joint) requires tension and strength in order to pull your skeleton into alignment.Your jaw and tongue has to be in a particular agreeance to allow for air flow and relaxation/alignment of the neck muscles with the temporomandibular joint to allow for the brain stem and spine to move into alignment. When you see someone practicing yoga, this is what they are hinting at. The joy of physical exertion and sports is an example. Good food (healthy!), mainly raw and organic vegetables and fruits are vital to this concept and will ultimately yield a healthier mind and relationship between the body and it's environment. Villages that eat proper raw, organic, foods and lead natural fulfilling lives develop this part of their body fully and have broad noses and jaw lines. (Weston A Price) Working out, running, jogging, yoga, stretching, basically any physical activity will stimulate the organs and promote growth and positivity.Eventually the jaw, breath, brain stem and spine, skeletal structure, internal organs, blood flow, muscular tensegrity (the constant push and pull between bones and ligaments and muscles joint to joint) will all come into alignment. This will allow your body to become in tune with itself by shape, and internally through fluid/glandular exchange and the stimulation of growth and an active nervous system. From there, thoughts and mental structure must move past each circuit of awareness, starting with survival, instinct, and lower emotional/family integration levels. These cycles activate throughout childhood and into adulthood and the manifesting of the personality through decision making and preference. Your decisions create (or represent...) your being.A lifetime of experience in close contact with nature and the abundant sources of life, awareness, and the ability to learn and create properly, yields an awareness that is beneficial to the planet itself, as well as it's 'oversoul' or group consciousness. Currently, the planetary masses panic and commit murder. Without becoming fully aware of the processes at hand. This is due to many situational elements in our history and present day.There has been much regression in the evolution of our civil personality within the larger historical context, yet the introduction of high end technology and the ability to reflect on a more deeper scale and truly become aware of ourselves, our actions and differences, initiates an even higher shifting of possibilities. There lies a potentially very complex and consciousness rich future before us. If we make the decision to live peacefully together and work to help the environment.The first few cycles of awareness are where the majority of the planet remain, due to mental, physical, and emotional toxins we ingest.After the lower circuits become enabled/engaged and then surpassed after understanding and communication with each aspect of the self is reached, they work in unison to activate the higher circuits of the spiritual experience which integrate one's social identity (your 'name', you as described by your job, childhood, culture etc etc) into the larger aspect of the human race and ultimately universal being.The learning transforms the individual when the individual sees the larger view, beyond the scale of the previously considered finite realm. This is the constant transcendence that consciousness goes through to expand upon itself. The self grows and learns in one occurrence of realization.Lower forms of expression and circuitry are based within primal needs and offer a rather raw and unconscious path through life. This is more geared towards the beginning levels of consciousness, but as the layers of self-awareness peel away giving truth to the actual form of the conscious being, the illusion of the lower levels give away to deeper truths. The animalistic forms are no longer needed, as the conscious being becomes more of a consciousness, and less of a physical and animal, or of a primal nature. The consciousness being added, is not a deviation of the norm or an alien or additional form, but a finer and clearer expression of the underlying consciousness within. This form does not require lower contexts, transfers, or primal existences, but they may always exist as part of this cycle.It is complex enough to unify the individual characteristics of human nature through genetics and will provide a way for all humans to initiate growth and wealth in the life experience without harm or imbalance to another. We must put aside our preconceived notions of who we are, and see that we area literally one being.What has become alien. What has become a deviation. Is the descent into the abyss of imbalance and confusion that man has become entranced within, and devoted to pursuing. The future man, existing in a lower form of physical identity, interaction, and responsibility, is alien to the more complex world containing technology that exposes and ties together the loose ends of our experience by showing the world what the world is and does to itself. In this age a vast amount of information and learning experiences are more accessible to the masses and we must bring our daily life and interactions with each other, on a micro-scale, up to par with this macro-view.The universal being is without limits, without name, identity or boundary. The only commonality is the presence of the respect for life, and the experience of love. This is the basis of all existence, whether it is cellular, protein/amino-acid chain, primal, or self-aware. If we can learn to live this in our daily life, and to each other, we will surpass any problematic limitations we currently perceive.Being able to understand and integrate the impact of the human consciousness on the planet, is part of working with higher consciousness, which has the goal of unifying every conscious force in the environment. Everything, everyone, everywhere is involved, yet it starts with you, within your world; the self. Dieting, thoughts, meditation, dreams, yoga, interactions, exercise; it's all connected.Knowing yourself, your emotions, why you feel the way you do, the goals you have, the fears that block you from moving on, and your attachments is part of the process of discovering yourself as a whole being. Slowly we peel away the layers of physicality and illusion that we use to represent ourselves, and like changing close, become something entirely more casual. What is casual is what easily represents our true nature, without trying or thinking. The brand name apparel, gets removed and replaced with a more form-fitting, naturally woven, beautifully colored article of clothing that just feels right. No one had to tell you what to change into, because no one can, and chances are, if they are picking out outfits for you, then those clothes will make you feel uncomfortable in the long run.As an eternal being. How would you know you exist? How would you know what love is? What light is? Do you come to terms with your eternal nature? Or do you find comfort in the mortality of the body (just the outfit)?You may experience for all eternity, but there still may be the issue of actually determining that you know you are experiencing it, and more so, that you know you are aware of your awareness of the experiencing. This doesn't even touch on the subject of then being able to express this determination of awareness, this self-awareness.What allows this extension of simple awareness into self-awareness is a self-awareness loop, or a feedback loop, this is present in cycles of consciousness or experience. This can be seen plainly in harmonics. It's present in your life in every daily routine stemming from mental habits, to dietary needs (more so habit as well). To your bio-rhythms of day and night/sleep patterns, short-term hormonal functions regulating sleep, mood, diet, and energy. The long-term hormonal cycles of the body's development through the ages. Including the cycles of personal experience and preference which we cycle through, development, expand upon, alter, and edit as we experience life. Everything, is a cycle, and every cycle is connected to and interacting with another larger cycle.What we like and tend to focus on, shifts through a kaleidoscope of images, ideals, cultures, beliefs, perceptions and ultimately selves. As we become a new individual or the ever changing individual, we move in cycles, through cycles. Right down to each and every breath and how it's in direct control of your posture, energy, and stress levels. Yes, every cycle is part of a larger cycle, and they do not end.The more interesting aspect, to me, is the macro-cycle which involves larger change on a more ultimate level, over a longer time span. The development of our planetary culture and belief system has grown like genetic meme with the fittest surviving longest. But there has been a stray from natural form, that has resulted in the repetitive and cyclic nature of the genetic evolution process becoming stagnate and stalemated.Evolution is not flawed, but control has literally been handed to the most aware individual. That is yourself, and the perceptions within. What (who?) do you give your attention to? What do you give your control to? You always pass it along, because we are not in control of everything. You give it into the world you are creating by living. You cannot find a more real source, and a more truer understanding of who you are and what you are to do than you can by looking within. As long as you maintain the understanding and wholeness of compassion and equality, you are the truth. This is about regaining that free-will, that portion of your control that is handed to the world at birth.The current age has taken the leading edge of the planetary development from having it's roots in the fundamental cycle of all existence, through life and death and the struggle for survival, and it has maintained that dog eat dog appeal while introducing high-end technology and levels of intimate combinations of scientific and religious understanding of self-awareness. Man takes over their evolution by something as simple as genetically modified foods, overgrowing their environment and designing the daily routine in a materialistic manner. Although there is great intelligence on this planet, there is a lacking of fulfillment within the personal, common life.You will see, the owners, the rulers, and the designers of the common personal life, are literally giving the power, to the highest bidder. The power to design your life, your home, your diet, your mind, if you are a part of the commonality here, is given directly to the hands of the one with the most money.Anything about that strike you as odd....?The everyday human does not tend to have the best understanding of these cycles, at least as not as much as the ones in control of the cities of the world. The important aspects of the understanding are left out of view of daily life, while the media focuses on violence, terror, and oppression. Indulgence, and gratification. Intellectualizations without knowledge, and partiality instead of wholeness with the one truth.The common view of everything focuses on this, from fast food to entertainment, to every institutionalized aspect of the physical world. It is all tied into money and economy, and this is accepted because it sells. There is truth just have to find it.Because the highest bidder is the one who has the most power in this world, instead of the one with the most love or highest awareness, everyday, people simply have bad posture.Their mental posture doesn't allow for the ability to focus longer than the average span between commercials or t.v. shows. (or classes) They do not know how to feed themselves, or exist in harmony with nature. There emotions control them, and guide them by decisive force as they become used to giving into desire because the environment they're in constantly has forms of temptation or mind-numbing advertisements or negativity.Their physical posture is weaker and doesn't produce the best outcome. Just imagine what a species would evolve into, if it's daily routine, consisted of sitting at a desk, slouching, and eating bad food under artificial lighting in an electrically poisoned environment. Sci-fi much?The idea is that society is changing. What it/you become is up to the life you lead and what you pay attention to.This is not a coincidence, that the most popular and largest companies, trends, and movements are currently infatuated with technology and the ease and pleasure of living, no matter the cost to the rest of the world. This only reflects how individuals treat each other, how we treat ourselves, personally.What you will notice though, is that there is a larger cycle, a larger function to every human. A larger goal.A heart.A soul. (Destiny)?And that the planet itself has a soul and a caring heart, and has been in a larger cycle for the better part of the duration of time and space here, and that we are only a small portion of this cycle.What this cycle culminates to, is dependent on your ability to focus on unconditional love, as it is the highest form of awareness. This is maintained through the proper negotiating of the bodies energy requirements, through the balancing of your emotional energy, all the while developing and evolving personally and intellectually. We are here to help each other.Eventually, to come to the conclusion that you are aware, alive, and made of love (energy/emotion/light,[EEG?]) you must first move through the gradient of the experiencing of duality. This is the archetypal breakdown of polar opposites of man, animal, and ultimately separatism and physicality.To realize that you are eternal, you must experience life in finite terms. To become aware that you are alive, you must move into the potential of life and death. To know love, you must experience the lower alternative.This does not mean that you must experience negativity/darkness to experience the light, it means you must experience the duality to become aware of the difference and thus the presence of either.Consciousness, through the human brain, is defined by difference. This does not mean you must come here either as the only way to experience consciousness in this form, because a reduction of all forms of polarity and conscious definition usually doesn't yield a less conscious experience, but a less distinct and more imaginative or expanse experience. This is a reduction in the definition and labeling of reality. It basically means you do not need to walk through the field observing and knowing the name and species/characteristics of every flower you see in order to feel the wonder of the experience. The reduction of the defining characteristics can yield a more positive and fulfilling experience if they are realigned within a caring and emotionally(energetically), biologically, and environmentally sensitive way.As an eternal being, you choose to become mortal. As the infinite, you decide upon a finite existence, this is the cycle of co-creation, life and death. The evolution of awareness through the layers of physical, and mental circuitry. The experience of life through the body. The evolution of the cosmos in the physical form, and levels of awareness based within it.In the end, your energy, what is truly experiencing through your body, cannot be destroyed or erased. It is simply adding to it's infinite list of expansions of the self. Knowledge is synonymous within the self, as it is eternal, and forever expanding.
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