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Kristian Brooks


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Is this soap dread safe?

By Kristian Brooks, 2012-11-27
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By Kristian Brooks, 2012-11-24
It's over.Deleted my Facebook today. I met a girl. I wasn't who she thought I was. Pictures and profiles are a misrepresentation of character. This has all been evident in the past, I'm ready to move forward.There is a disconnect between my friends and I. I just don't enjoy drinking, it's a ritual in our household. I must summon the independence to break free from conforming. Peace is what I see when I close my eyes. I don't particularly enjoy waking up in a toxic state.I have yet to detox but a relationship is impossible without one.Go.And so here I am. This is really it. Day 1. There is no one else who can do this. This is my journey. No one can help, nor do I need it. This is my fasting journey. I will be avoiding all solid foods that aren't pure. This will last 7 days. Thereafter I will transition to water and sea salt solely for another 7 days.This journal is to keep me motivated. There's more and I intend to be closer to it within the next 2 weeks.I feel my dreads will respond to this experience positively as well ;)
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